Why shared services matter in a gig economy

It’s difficult for the Department of Labor to specify how many professionals work in the Gig Economy/Non-Employer businesses.  Like “Side Hustles”, that are simply a new name for moonlighting or part-time work, “Gig Economy” professionals are nothing new, in that many are freelancers  either by choice or by force finding work in their specialization by means of working on projects to support their income.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “gig workers may be included in counts of workers who are part-time, self-employed, or hold multiple jobs. But these counts also include workers who are not part of the gig workforce.”  Regardless of how BLS catches up to classifying all of these workers, they’re growing more and more everyday.

The Pros & Cons of the Growing Gig Economy

Entrepreneurship in any classification is a wonderful dream to fulfill.  But ask any solopreneur what some of their greatest challenges are and aside from sales (which can be any business’ challenge), they’ll probably tell you that the isolation of working alone is one of their biggest.  The inability to walk down the hall or lean over to the next desk to ask a co-worker a question, or validate an idea can be a pretty emotionally challenging aspect of running a small business.

Additionally, every business owner has a deep passion for helping their clients solve a problem.  It’s why we do what we do.  But when we see our client’s struggling in other areas of their business, we would love to help, but can’t because of not having the specialities for their other needs.

Why Shared Services is Good for Gig Economy workers

In business, building your network is important for sales, but it’s equally important in building stronger client relationships.  When a client has a challenge that can’t be solved by their current specialist, the ideal scenario is to point them to someone who can solve that problem.

Finding someone with the right expertise as a referral is one part of the equation, but you also want to be sure that specialist has the right level of experience, professionalism and teamwork approach that will make your client happy with the recommendation.

How SMB Turnkey Solutions Solves Client Referral Challenges

SMB Turnkey Solutions is a group of seasoned and well-vetted professionals in multiple areas of expertise.  Members are carefully selected to ensure they will deliver the right experience and outcome for their clients.  This makes it much easier for clients to find the right solution to multiple problems because they’ve already by been vetted by a vendor working with them.

Industry Professionals Include:

  • Business Strategy & Acquisitions
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Technology
  • Financial Strategy
  • Legal & Compliance
  • HR & Human Capital Management
  • Commercial Insurance

The belief for groups like SMB Turnkey Solutions is that every business goes through a lifecycle of needing multiple solutions for either a season of their business or for the long-term.  By providing multi-industry professionals in a shared services environment, a business owner can feel more relaxed knowing that when the time comes to work with another professional, they will find it through a group of shared services professionals.

If you’re a small-to-medium sized business owner or leader and need help solving a specific challenge, or multiple challenges, look to Shared Services groups like SMB Turnkey Solutions to provide a better experience.